Berkeley Native Sun

Announcing the Berkeley Pro-Democracy Project

November 08, 2018

Public comment at City Council meetings is supposed to be a chance for people to weigh in on policy making. Yet, over the years, Council has adopted meeting rules that largely exclude the public from meaningful participation.

A new activist group, the Pro Demoracy Project, hopes to change that.

Arreguín Scolds Police Critic: Too Uppity

November 01, 2018

In July of his first year in office, Mayor Jesse Arreguín pledged to promote "civility, respect, and decorum" at City Council meetings. Fifteen months later it is increasingly apparent that his aim is to suppress dissent and discourage public comment.

Ablutions for all - Council to consider mobile hygiene service

October 29, 2018

Council member Davila (district 2) has proposed to bring a mobile hygiene service, Lava Mae, to Berkeley. The acclaimed service will bring showers, restrooms, and other services to help homeless people, at almost no cost to the City. The question is: will Council block yet another item coming from Davila?

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